Sometimes It's Hard To See

Nine Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 2021

This exhibition was dedicated to my father, Ramiro S. Inocencio, 1929 - 2020; my uncle, Manuel I. Domingo, 1936 - 2020; my aunt, Joan C. Suit, 1931 - 2021 and my aunt, Virginia Sprague, 1925 - 2021.

sometimes_0006_M_Inocencio - Sometimes It_s Hard to see - detail 2

Sometimes It's Hard To See, 2021
stones, hair, glue, varnish, paper, wooden tables
dimensions variable

sometimes_0001_M_Inocencio - Sometimes It_s Hard To See - table 5

Sometimes it is hard to see how much we have in common and how we are all connected.

sometimes_0007_M_Inocencio - Sometimes It_s Hard To See - detail 1

In this piece hair is used to reference DNA and our shared genetic heritage.

sometimes_0005_M_Inocencio - Sometimes It_s Hard To See - detail 3

The infinity symbol and spiral represent our experience of time as it cycles on and moves us forward.

sometimes_0004_M_Inocencio - Sometimes It_s Hard To See - detail 4
sometimes_0003_M_Inocencio - Sometimes It_s Hard to See - table 1

As markers for the passage of time, these stones are a meditation on the past, present, and future, and on the many lives that have passed during the pandemic.

sometimes_0002_M_Inocencio - Sometimes It_s Hard To See - table 4
sometimes_0000_M_Inocencio - Sometimes It_s Hard To See

Photos:  Stephen Funk

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