Meet Me At The Center

Portland Center Stage, Portland, Oregon 2023

Emblematic of Portland Center Stage's role as a refuge and source of inspiration for the greater Portland community, Meet Me At The Center celebrates diversity and the dynamic energy generated by an exchange of ideas and a shared experience.

mmatc_0001_Meet Me At the Center website copy

Meet Me At The Center, 2023
installation view - each panel 6.25 feet x 10 feet x 1.75 inches
digital prints, paint, paper, and thread collaged on canvas and wood panels

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Meet Me At The Center (Star)
Images from nature illustrate residents and the ways that their lives intersect.  Symbolizing our uniqueness as individuals along with our common humanity, this piece hopes to show how we can respect the beauty within each other while discovering the greater magnitude of beauty possible when we join together.

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Meet Me At The Center (Flowers)
Based on flowers from different countries and states, flower icons represent Portlanders from all over the world.

Gardenia -   China
Gardenia - China
Western Columbine - Oregon
Western Columbine - Oregon
Bosnian Lily - Bosnia
Bosnian Lily - Bosnia
Qantuta - Bolivia
Qantuta - Bolivia
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Stitched lines are our connections - as family, as colleagues, as neighbors, etc.  In coffee shops, schools and grocery stores, our paths converge often.  Blue lines are the warp and weft of the social fabric. Yellow lines form a stylized helix, referencing DNA and our shared genetic heritage.

mmatc_0003_Star angle medium website copy

Lines come from all directions to form a star–  a metaphor for a community filled with light, warmth, and vitality.

mmatc_0001_Star top detail website copy

Seeming to continue beyond the frame, the lines suggest the infinite possibilities of collective action.

mmatc_0000_Star center detail website copy

Symmetry throughout the artwork depicts the idea of reflection and how we are reflected in one another.

Flame of the forest - India
Flame of the forest - India

Echoing our physical symmetry, so that viewers can see themselves inside the piece.

Photos:  Stephen Funk
Funded in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council
Panels by Oddshape Art Solutions

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