In and Out of Time

Nine Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 2015

These pieces are an attempt to visualize time as it is spent in dedication to a task.  Sewing is an activity that has a long history in many different cultures.  Labor intensive and product oriented, it is an appropriate metaphor for the accumulation of time.  In each work the running stitch creates a line that continues to move forward and builds upon itself.  I sewed once a day, keeping a record of when I worked and marking the breaks between each session.  While it is evident where one session ends and another begins, I took care to tie the thread or hair from the stitches of one day to the stitches of the next, so that the line is continuous.  The result is an image of my commitment and the time that has passed.

IN AND OUT OF TIME FOR WEB_0000_Inocencio_Maria_151010_02 copy.tif

100 Days In and Out of Time, 2015
Muslin, thread, wood
86.75 x 86.75 x 1.75 inches

IN AND OUT OF TIME FOR WEBSITE VERTICAL_0002_Inocencio_Maria_151010_11.tif
IN AND OUT OF TIME FOR WEB_0002_Inocencio_Maria_151010_20 copy.tif
IN AND OUT OF TIME FOR WEB_0005_Inocencio_Maria_151010_35.tif

Every Day of My Life for a Year (Turning 50), 2015
Paper, hair, muslin wood
40.75 x 149.5 x .25 inches

IN AND OUT OF TIME FOR WEB_0006_Inocencio_Maria_151010_41.tif
IN AND OUT OF TIME FOR WEB_0004_Inocencio_Maria_151010_22.tif

Photos:  Stephen Funk

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