Fold Here

Nine Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 2013

Fold Here explores our desire to create structure and order in our lives.  Every day we think, we decide, we try to make sense of our schedules, our emails, and our surroundings. We have layers of stuff, closets with things we never use, we have a mess.  The response is to take action.  In this piece I used the act of folding to give form and define space with materials that are at first, flat and without dimension.  The activity gives structure.  With each day of folding, there is a reorganization, as elements from multiple sources are directed toward one purpose, toward a sense of order.

fold here postcard

I asked friends and colleagues to contribute clothing, sheets and towels towards this project.   The response was overwhelming:  over sixty people sorted through their closets and drawers and gave me over 2,200 items.

Documentation of Fold Here

The exhibition began with mounds of the donated articles covering the floor.  For the duration of the show, I was in the space sorting and folding, with the ultimate goal of building a sculpture of the folded pieces across the east wall of the gallery.  On occasion, viewers would help me fold.

Documentation of Fold Here
Documentation of Fold Here
Fold Here - Linda dance

In the second week of the show, Linda K. Johnson presented a dance performance in response to the ideas presented in Fold Here.  Throughout the month, Rachel J. Siegel documented the evolution of the work, and her photographs were displayed on the north wall of the gallery.

Documentation of Fold Here
Documentation of Fold Here
Documentation of Fold Here

The repetition in this performance created an awareness of the movements, color and textures involved in a mundane task, revealing its grace, vibrance, and subtlety.  Engaging so many participants demonstrated the impact of connecting parallel efforts in a common cause; people were encouraged by working together.  By highlighting the aesthetics of action and gesture, this piece endeavored to reveal what is beautiful in the everyday things that we do – alone and together.

Documentation of Fold Here

Photos above:  Rachel Siegel

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Fold Here for website_0001_Inocencio_Maria_130330_10.tif
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At the end of the show all of the usable clothing and linens were donated to Innovative Housing Incorporated, a local nonprofit organization.

Photos:  Stephen Funk unless otherwise noted.

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