Significant Movements

Collaboration with Mark R. Smith
Pleasant Village Community Garden, City of New York, Operation GreenThumb, New York, NY, 1985

Significant Movements was created as part of Art in the Gardens, a project of Operation GreenThumb.  Operation GreenThumb was a New York City program that leased vacant city owned lots to community gardening groups.  Art in the Gardens funded artists to make murals and sculptures throughout the city's underserved neighborhoods.

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Significant Movements, 1985
Enamel paint, wood, copper tubing, vines
Mural with trellis:  49 x 60 feet
Sculpture: 14 x 30 x 4 feet

Mark painted the mural and I designed and built the trellis sculpture.  The trellises were planted with silver lace vines.

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In 1986, I was joined by painter, Kelly Normand, in offering free art classes to area residents.

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Photos:  Mark R. Smith

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