How Do You Get There?

Broadway Vantage Apartments, Innovative Housing Incorporated, Portland, OR, 2009

This commissioned project for Innovative Housing Incorporated, a nonprofit that builds affordable housing, was designed to introduce tenants of the Broadway Vantage apartments to their neighbors in the Madison South area of Portland.


Whether it is to work or school, towards an education or career, each of us has our own way of getting there.  The paths we take may be different, but they often intersect, and sometimes we help one another along the way.


One hundred and fifty tenants and neighborhood residents attended workshops, to meet, talk and paint tiles to represent themselves.  Multicolored lines weave around their paintings, illustrating the network of relationships and connections that build a strong community.


The mural was funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council and is installed adjacent to the Community Room and playground of the apartment building.

Photos:  Maria T.D. Inocencio

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